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1 MB NV SRAM Module

Mon, 06/25/2001 - 5:04am
Innovative Microtechnology has introduced IM1245, the 1024K nonvolatile SRAM is fully static. IM1245 has self-contained miniature lithium energy source and control circuitry which constantly monitors Vcc for an out of tolerance condition, when such condition occurs, the lithium energy source is automatically switched on and write protection is unconditionally enabled to prevent inadvertent write cycles which can corrupt stored data. The data is stored in absence of Vcc up to approximately +10 years. There is no limit on number of read/write cycles which can be executed and no additional support circuitry is required to interface with Microprocessor.

The devices are shipped with freshness seal, i.e. battery is disconnected at factory. The battery will be automatically connected one Vcc> 4.5V is applied. IM1245 can be used in place of existing 128K × 8 SRAM pin-to-pin equivalent to popular bytewide 32 pin DIP standard and also replaces NV SRAM of Dallas/ST Micro/Benchmarq makes.


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