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W-CDMA Components

Wed, 05/30/2001 - 11:55am
Murata Electronics launched several Wide-band Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA)market components for use in third generation (3G) cellular phones. These devices, including the new Switchplexer™, make the next generation of cellular phones compatible with frequency standards from around the world. Currently cell phones that use the American frequencies are not useable in Europe or Asia and vice-versa.

W-CDMA improves efficiency throughout the network and promises increased functionality such as high-speed Internet, streaming video, location awareness and m-commerce. Many of these applications are made possible by Murata components, including the Switchplexer. A front-end device developed for 3G phones, the Switchplexer incorporates W-CDMA frequencies, making it compatible with GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) and DCS (Digital Cellular System) protocols — two incompatible frequencies used throughout Europe and parts of Asia and Africa.

Along with offering the Switchplexer device and other components for handsets, Murata also offers low-cost infrastructure products designed to improve network efficiency. They include capacitors, inductors and piezo-electronic devices, duplexers, isolators, couples, baluns and filters. All of these components provide engineers with a great deal of design flexibility and functionality.


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