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Probe for High Performance Test Sockets

Wed, 05/30/2001 - 12:26pm
The Pico Probe is designed for fine pitch test sockets and multiple cycle connectors requiring optimum electrical performance and long life (over 500,000 cycles). The patent pending design mounts on 0.0250 pitch and features a 0.0850 uncompressed length with 0.0220 rated travel resulting in a working length or signal path length of 0.0630, 1/16 of an inch. The Pico Probe is so small, 10,000 probes will fit into one thimble.

The contact resistance of the Pico Probe is less than 50 milliohms. The self-inductance is 0.30 nH. And bandwidths up to 10 GHz, all combine to make the Pico Probe virtually transparent electrically during test.

The straight signal path of the Pico Probe, within the test socket, allows the DUT board pattern to be a mirror image of the device. The socket surface mounts to the DUT board with a permanent preloaded on the Pico Probes, ensuring a constant contact and eliminating "board scrubbing" problems inherent with wiping contacts.

The Pico Probe features impedance of 50 ohms and a bandwidth of 7.8 GHz at -1 dB. Self inductance is 0.33 nH at .65 mm pitch, while mutual inductance is 0.003 nH at .65 mm pitch diagonal and 0.05 nH at .65 mm pitch adjacent. Capacitance is 0.045 pF. The Pico Probe's current carrying capacity is 5 amps continuous (individual probe in free air at ambient temperature). It operates over a temperature range of -55°C to 150°C.

The socket model is valid from DC to 3.05 GHz. The measured and modeled transmission response agrees within 0.3 dB. A model was extracted for four types of pins: adjacent field pins, field pin oriented diagonally, edge pins, and corner pins. Synergetix, 310 South 51st Street, Kansas City, KS 66106; (913) 342-0404;


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