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Hand-held ESD Tester

Wed, 05/30/2001 - 11:55am
Schaffner EMC, Inc. has introduced a high functionality ESD tester that offers all of the features of a comprehensive ESD test system in a compact, lightweight, hand-held instrument.

Ideal for characterization testing of new designs, IEC compliance and pre-compliance testing, QA production testing, and service and repair, the new NSG 435 combines user-friendliness, reliability and repeatability of ESD testing. It features user-programmable discharge voltage from 200 V to 16.5 kV; built in EIC 100-4-2 test settings; battery operation; and alone stand operation or full system integration with PC control.

A unique high voltage generator and a microprocessor-based control system featuring surface mount technology are combined in the unit's robust, lightweight housing. The NSG 435 sits easily in the hand without being tiring or uncomfortable for the operator during long or repeated test procedures. The liquid crystal display panel of this ergonomically designed instrument is clearly visible to the operator at all times when the instrument is held in a working position.

Microprocessor-based control and a simple five-key pad offer instant access to the NSG 435's comprehensive range of built-in functions. The liquid crystal display gives constant indication of operating status and all the user-programmed test parameters.

The NSG 435 includes its own high voltage generator capable of generating pulses up to 16.6 kV. In addition to the pre-programmed, standard IEC pulses, the user can create custom tests, using single or repetitive discharges with user-selective frequencies, discharge rates and manual or automatic polarity switching. The remote software control facility allows for test procedures to be sequenced, saved and optimized via a remote PC.

The NSG 435 comes equipped with a 150pF/330Ω discharge network for tests to IEC 100-4-2, and a range of optional extra discharge networks is available for other standards including IEC 801-2/1984. Every NSG 435 simulator system is supplied complete with standard accessories, including interchangeable air discharge and contact discharge test fingers, an earthing cable and battery charger — all in a practical durable carrying case.


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