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CMOS Switched Capacitor Voltage Converters

Wed, 05/30/2001 - 11:55am
ON Semiconductor introduced two CMOS charge pump voltage converters with a power-saving shutdown feature that extend the useful operational life of battery powered products. Available in the very small TSOP-6 package, the MAX1720 and NCP1729 switched capacitor voltage inverters are low frequency devices that invert and/or double an input voltage ranging from 1.15 volts to 5.5 volts with a conversion efficiency rating typically greater than 99 percent and a power conversion efficiency of 96 percent. They are well suited for portable battery powered applications where longer operational life is desirable.

The MAX1720 and NCP1729 require only two low cost capacitors for voltage inverter functions and two diodes and three capacitors for voltage doubling functions. The operating current consumption for the MAX1720 is only 67 micro amperes and 122 micro Amperes for the NCP1729. This low quiescent current coupled with the shutdown feature allow the devices to conserve battery power by further reducing the supply current to a mere 0.4 micro amperes.

Both charge pumps supply an output current in excess of 50 milli amperes, twice the output of comparable devices on the market. The MAX1720 and the NCP1729 contain a switching frequency of 12 kHz and 35 kHz, respectively, that drives four integrated resistance MOSFET switches.

The low quiescent current, made lower by the use of the shutdown pin, high efficiency, low-input voltage operation, high output current, and compact package make these devices ideal for battery powered systems such as LCD panels, cell phones, electronic games, camcorders and handheld instruments.


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