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Test System Meets Requirements for cdma2000

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
Spirent Communications announces the introduction of the TAS cdma2000 Interference Lab (TAS CIL). TAS CIL is a powerful test system specifically designed to meet the receiver testing requirements for cdma2000 wireless terminals and base stations. The TAS CIL combines the features of the new TAS5600C Universal Interference Emulator with the impairments found in the TAS4600A Noise & Interference Emulator. The system provides co- and adjacent-channel interference used for the testing requirements of 2G and 3G mobiles and base stations. The ability of a wireless receiver to mitigate sources of interference is critical to achieve the higher data rates that third-generation technologies promise to deliver.

The TAS5600C provides dual low phase noise CW tones necessary for receiver performance analysis of 3G mobiles and base stations. The TAS5600C replaces multiple high-end signal generators and "glue" hardware previously required for testing 3G devices. The TAS4600A provides the interface to the RF channel. It accurately measures the power of an incoming RF signal, then adds the specified amount of noise (AWGN) or interference (via TAS5600C) to obtain a desired carrier to interference (C/I) and carrier to noise (C/N) ratio. The operation of the TAS5600C and the TAS4600A is controlled by TASKIT/CIL, a Windows-based, software user interface. The system provides complete coverage of the cellular and PCS bands.

TAS CIL supports the noise and interference conditions required by IS-97D (base station specification) and IS-98D (mobile station specification) standards for cdma2000 cellular and PCS equipment testing. The TAS CIL drastically simplifies the test setup for wireless equipment. The integrated solution also yields better accuracy and is easier to control in comparison to an unwieldy array of noise sources, signal generators and attenuators.


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