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Surface Mount Toroids

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
Magnetics of North America (MNA) introduced its new PKM Series and PHF Series surface mount toroids. Joining the MNA line of surface mount transformers and other magnetic components, PKM Series toroids provide high-energy storage, while PHF toroids offer low permeability loss.

The PKM and PHF toroids can be used in design engineering applications as coupled inductors, providing low inductance with high current when wired in parallel, or higher inductance with lower current when wired in series. PKM and PHF toroids also can serve as 1:1 isolation transformers, providing electrical isolation and wide voltage transformation in the flyback mode. Features include UL94VO header material, low EMI radiation, and a maximum lead pad coplanarity of 0.5 mm. Components are assembled using traditional solder. High temperature solder is used for terminations. The company's manufacturing facilities are ISO 9000 certified.

Nineteen parts in each line cover a range of parallel ratings and series ratings. For parallel ratings, open circuit inductance ranges from 0.49 to 304.10 uH, full-load current from 0.75 to 8.71 A DC, full load inductance from 0.37 to 145.97 uH (PKM Series) or 0.45 to 215.91 uH (PHF Series), and DCR from 0.004 to 0.536 ohms. For series ratings, open circuit inductance ranges from 1.96 to 1216.40 uH, full-load current from 0.38 to 4.36 A DC, full-load inductance from 1.48 to 583.88 uH (PKM Series) or 1.80 to 863.64 uH (PHF Series), and DCR from 0.004 to 0.536 ohms.


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