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Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:45am
Dot Hill Systems Corp., a designer, manufacturer and supplier of data storage and storage area network (SAN) solutions, solidifies its position on the cutting edge of storage technology with the release of its full Fibre Channel SANnet™ 7000 series. The SANnet 7000 series is the newest member of Dot Hill's SANnet family of storage solutions and boasts significant enhancements in management, performance, reliability and capacity for today's information generation.

The initial member of the full fibre SANnet 7000 series, the SANnet 7100, delivers seamless migration from the SANnet 3000 series (SCSI/SCSI) and the SANnet 4000 series (SCSI/fibre), both successfully installed worldwide. This allows customers to maximize their investment by integrating the new system into their existing SANnet-based storage area networks. Now, customers can take advantage of full fibre technology for high-speed data connectivity that can span distances of over six miles.

With the full fibre SANnet 7100, Dot Hill continues to provide businesses with the mission-critical infrastructure needed for continuous data availability and the volume of information generated by Internet applications. The system delivers unparalleled capacity and scalability with a SAN-ready redundant Fibre Channel network that directly supports up to 16 servers and can scale to over 58 terabytes (TB). The SANnet 7100 also features Fibre Channel server-attached RAID controllers that can support up to 160 disks each, depending on configuration. Usable disk space is 5.8TB space per controller pair with 10,000-RPM 73GB drives. The SANnet's industry-leading scalability also means that additional storage capacity can be seamlessly added as businesses grow.

The SANnet 7100 delivers unmatched levels of performance and throughput to support I/O intensive applications. Data throughput is 400 MB/second with transaction rates of up to 36,000 IOPS. The system also features industry-leading 99.999% reliability and is the only storage system on the market to be independently NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) Level 3 certified. This means the solution has a survivability level equal to that of global telephone networks and is able to remain operational during and after a disaster.


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