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Starfabric Bridge Chip

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
Agere Systems Announces Starfabric Bridge Chip That Provides Scalability For Computer Telephony Servers, Voip Gateways Solution Can Provide up to 128 Times the Voice Processing Capacity. Agere Systems, announced a highly scalable, higher-capacity switching chip solution for computer telephony servers, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) gateways, wireless base stations, and other high density communications network equipment. The Ambassador™ T8150 H.100/H.110* to StarFabric** Bridge solution can provide up to 128 times the voice processing capacity, while helping to reduce electronics costs and time to market intervals

The T8150, which functions as a bridge between the H.100/H.110 bus and the StarFabric switch fabric, can connect 128 H.100/H.110 bus segments together, which translates to up to 128 times the voice processing capacity of today's typical standards-based H.100/H.110 products. By using the T8150 and the StarFabric, customers can add scalability to their systems while preserving the investment in their existing circuit packs.

H.100/H110 is a widely embraced time division multiplex bus standard for voice switching applications. The StarFabric switch fabric, which consists of one or more six- port star devices and at least one Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)***-to-StarFabric bridge for operations, administration, and maintenance, provides the backbone transport media to connect H.100/H.110 buses together. The StarFabric switch fabric provides an efficient, cost-effective information traffic highway between the various processing and input/output elements within a communications system.

Features of the T8150 include: an H.100/H.110 interface; redundant StarFabric interface ports; a 4,096 unified time slot switch; and a local time division multiplexing (TDM) bus interface to support 32 local TDM streams. The T8150 has the horsepower to bridge the entire H.100/H.110 bus and all 32 local TDM streams to the StarFabric simultaneously. Each T8150 can support optical carrier (OC)-3 data rates of up to 155 Megabits per second.

In addition to its scalability, the Agere Systems T8150 solution complements other Ambassador product family devices such as the Ambassador T8110 PCI** based H.100/H.110 Switch and Packet Payload Engine.


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