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Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:20am
Tektronix, Inc., a provider of test, measurement and monitoring equipment for wireless equipment and component manufacturers, announced new high-performance spectrum analyzers aimed at emerging next-generation wireless communication technologies.

The new FSU spectrum analyzer series consists of two models, the FSU3 and the FSU8, which will enable designers and manufacturing test engineers to deliver reliable, well-proven next-generation products to the market while adhering to tight competitive deadlines. The new instruments are performance pacesetters, surpassing other available solutions in accuracy and throughput for measurements to wideband CDMA (WCDMA), Enhanced data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), and other existing telecommunications standards.

The FSU spectrum analyzers are distinguished by their unmatched specifications and their ability to meet exacting next-generation wireless measurement requirements. The instruments are performance leaders in dynamic range, phase noise, level accuracy, and resolution bandwidth — all factors that effect the users' ability to design, characterize, and manufacture next-generation wireless elements. Targeted applications for the FSU series range from components such as amplifiers and filters, to mobile sets and base station modules.

One of the most challenging measurements in wireless design and manufacturing is Adjacent Channel Leakage ratio (ACLR) for base station transmitters. It is a test that is time-consuming, and it taxes the dynamic range of most spectrum analyzers. The measurement margin afforded by the dynamic range of the FSU (77.5 dB range for 3GPP ACLR measurements) leads to more accurate measurements. Additionally, the FSU models implement an exclusive time domain approach to ACLR measurements, providing high accuracy and fast results.

The accuracy of the new models is of course important to wireless engineers evaluating their new designs. It is also valuable in manufacturing, where it allows test engineers to set narrow "guardbands," the margins normally used to compensate for measurement inaccuracies. These narrow margins help increase manufacturing yield.

Presently the FSU spectrum analyzer series includes FSU3, with a 20 Hz-to-3.6 GHz range; and the FSU8, with a 20 Hz-to-8 GHz range.


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