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Single-Chip BCDMOS Power Switch

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
Fairchild Semiconductor International introduces the FSDH0165 power switch - a voltage mode PWM controller and SenseFET (LDMOS) power switching element integrated into a single chip and packaged in an 8-lead DIPH. Designed for adapter/chargers for mobile phones and PDAs and other low-power switch mode power supply (SMPS) applications, the FSDH0165 consumes just 0.3W, compared to 0.5W for typical alternatives. Power consumption and space efficiencies are achieved through the use of a 650 V BCDMOS process resulting in fewer external components and impressive reduction in PC board space requirements.

The FSDH0165 is a self-biased and protected linear control current-to-duty cycle converter with an open drain output. The device operates from 6.7V to 21V at a frequency of 100KHz. It is equipped with built-in start-up switch eliminating the need for an external start up resistor. Other features include auto-restart to minimize power consumption in standby mode, overload protection, over current protection and internal thermal shutdown protection. The DIPH package enhances thermal conductivity by connecting a single, wide lead to two ground pins. When used in combination with the Fairchild FAN7563 controller IC, the FSDH0165 provides a space saving, two-IC solution for low-power battery charging applications.


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