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Single Board Computer for Development of Test Instruments

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Tidal Engineering recently announced the addition of the SBC488A to its embedded IEEE 488 product family. This programmable single board computer (SBC) boasts a fully integrated C development environment and an IEEE 488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) controller to provide OEM's with flexible rapid instrument development capabilities withou the associated time and expense of developing a GPIB controller for their products.

Specifically designed as a low-cost turnkey solution, Tidal's board is suited for a broad range of power supply, RF test equipment, and laboratory instrument applications where IEEE 488, RS-232/RS-485 control is required. The GPIB may be found in various test environments and is commonly used to control such devices as RF signal analyzers and switching arrays, digital voltmeters, data loggers, programmable power supplies, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, function generators, plotters, and printers.

Featuring a Zilog Z180 based processor with speeds of 9.216 MHz or 18.432 MHz, EPROM, SRAM, and EEPROM, the SBC488A features a Real Time Clock (RTC) as well as battery backup. Its IEEE 488 interface provides talker, listener, and controller functions, while two serial ports support RS-232 and RS-485 communications. Measuring 6.5 × 4.0 , the board's power requirement is 2 Watts at 7 to 25 V DC. Optional peripheral modules including digital and analog I/O, LCDs, keypads, and software are offered.


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