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Semi Rigid Cables for Wireless Handsets and Base Stations

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am


MICRO-COAX introduces the low loss (LL) family of semi-rigid cables designed with a micro-porous PTFE that results in lower attenuation and higher power handling capability. Offering stable electrical characteristics and a wide range of sizes, the LL cables are designed for use in mobile handsets, precision phase matched systems, and feed forward amplifiers for base stations.

MICRO-COAX offers 10 different cables in the LL family. Because all the cables utilize the low loss dielectric, they are mechanically stable under temperature extremes and do not extrude or recess, as do cables using a solid PTFE. Such characteristics make the cable an ideal choice for high temperature or reflow applications. The outer conductor protecting the dielectric is available in either copper or tin plated aluminum and varies in size from 0.031 inches to 0.250 inches.

The LL dielectric also results in improved electrical performance. Impedance for all 10 cable is 50 Ω and capacitance is either 26.6 pF/ft. maximum or 27.0 pF/ft. maximum, depending on the cable. Typical attenuation ranges from 3.9 dB/100 ft. at 0.5 GHz to 383.0 dB/100 ft. at 60 GHz, depending on the cable. Maximum operating temperature is 250 ° C.


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