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RF Component Amplifier Assembly Cell

Mon, 04/23/2001 - 12:21pm
Palomar Technologies introduced the Model 3500-II RF Component Amplifier Assembly Cell for precision placement of adjacent die and steady-state heat eutectic processing. Exact positioning of adjacent die allows for the wire bonding of consistent wire loop profiles that are essential to high frequency RF device performance specifications required in microwave, RF and wireless applications.

The Model 3500-II employs a temperature control system that allows for eutectic bonding of adjacent die in RF packages. For faster part presentation, preheat mesas (hot rails) are available. In addition, the assembly cell can be integrated into an in-line automation system with cassette-to-cassette handling. The benefits are lower costs and higher yield, with a fully automated multichip eutectic die attach process.

The assembly cell's eight-position turret head allows fast, precision alignment and calibration, including theta, for up to eight vacuum tools. Automatic tool changeover for a wide range of parts and die during production provides flexibility and maximizes production speed and yield. In addition, the Model 3500-II handles fragile parts and die carefully, minimizing loss due to broken or impaired parts.

The RF Component Assembly Cell accommodates very large components and die as small as 7.0 mil. Components greater than 2 inches × 2 inches can be transferred from the input tray to the eutectic heater stage for assembly. The system's small component tool can pick exceptionally small and delicate components from waffle or gel packs, tape and reel feeders, up to eight inches expanded wafer, and other forms of presentation. The Cognex pattern recognition system allows a high degree of die divergence and rotation from the basic presentation pattern.


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