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Radio Chipset for Wireless LAN Connections

Wed, 04/25/2001 - 7:12am
Atheros Communications announced a new chipset based on its fundamental rearchitecture of the radio. The fast, low-powered Atheros™ AR5000 chipset delivers true "radio-on-a-chip" (RoC) capabilities. The highly integrated Atheros technology provides the first two-chip, all-CMOS end-to-end solution for next-generation 5 GHz wireless LANs.

The Atheros AR5000 chipset, operating at up to 54 Mbps, is compliant with the IEEE 802.11a 5 GHz wireless LAN standard. The chipset also includes an enhanced "turbo mode" that supports speeds up to 72 Mbps or extended ranges.

Atheros' technology enables the shrinking of what were three- and four-chip 11 Mbps solutions into a higher-speed two-chip set that can fit on a single side of a credit-card-sized PC Card. This technology helps cut materials and manufacturing costs drastically. This system's approach has enabled Atheros to implement a series of innovations such as the integration of the power amplifier, SAW filters and other components that conventional RF wisdom suggested needed to be separate. The end result is a highly integrated chip architecture designed for low-cost, standard-process CMOS fabrication.


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