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Wed, 04/18/2001 - 9:19am

At the Forefront of Industry Growth and Technology

Pole/Zero Corporation was founded in 1989 for the purpose of designing and selling high performance commercial filter products. Their success in serving customers with quality products and services has resulted in continued growth in each of their past 11 years. Through constant product, technology, and process development, Pole/Zero continues to expand its role as the leading supplier of unique, cost effective solutions to solve difficult RF problems.

Pole/Zero is a domestic and international supplier to the defense and commercial markets for filter products, cosite solutions, RF subsystems, wireless transceivers, and other related services and products. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, our 26,000 square foot facility contains complete engineering development resources, environmental labs, and extensive manufacturing capabilities.

Pole/Zero has continued their product growth from the original tunable bandpass filter modules to a complete product line including the following:
•Tunable RF Filters
•Low Noise Amplifiers
•Filter/Amplifier Cascades
•Pre/Post Selectors
•Wireless Transceivers

Standard Tunable RF Filters

Tunable RF Filters
Pole/Zero has a complete line of standard tunable filters from 1.5 MHz to 1.0 GHz, capable of handling low to high RF power levels. Center frequencies can be digitally tuned through a serial or parallel interface. Filters are offered in Bandpass and Notch configurations. These proven and mature filter designs provide low cost, lower risk building blocks for Pole/Zero's Filter/Amplifier Cascade products.

Low Noise Amplifier

Low Noise Amplifiers
Pole/Zero has developed a number of Low Noise Amplifiers for use in cosite communication systems. The amplifiers, based on low-noise, high power MOSFET technology, boast noise figures as low as 1.6 dB with output power in the 5 to 20 Watt range.

SATCOM Filter/Amplifier Cascade

Filter/Amplifier Cascades and Subsystems
Pole/Zero has developed many filter/amplifier cascade products to mitigate cosite interference. Cost effective low risk products can be supplied by modification of existing products and incorporation of mature filter products and technology. On this line of products, core features typically include digitally commanded frequency & power, built-in-test, field programmability, digital temperature compensation, and integrated switching power supplies.

Pre/Post-Selector, 30 MHz to 2.0 GHz, 1170 Tune Positions

Pole/Zero's Pre and Post-Selector products are additional examples of Pole/Zero's success of technology incorporation to meet the demanding performance, size, power and cost requirements of our OEM customers.

Wireless Transceivers
Pole/Zero has also developed custom wireless transceiver products for the wireless markets, including WLAN amplifiers, RFID and RF containment systems.

Pole/Zero's significant investment in automated testing, results in improved reliability and higher efficiencies.

Business Philosophy
Pole/Zero takes pride in providing the best and most cost effective solutions for customer specific applications. Their philosophy is to concentrate internal investments in areas that directly affect their ability to service customers, namely the following:
•Technology - early adoption of technology and its incorporation into Pole/Zero products has resulted in continual performance improvements while shrinking size, power, and weight. Pole/Zero's engineers have not only mastered the state-of-the-art in filter technology, but are charting future paths through implementation of emerging technologies.
•Processes - key to Pole/Zero's success has been the cost and quality advantages achieved by their transformation to a highly automated facility. Filter products that were originally built and tested manually are now built on automated surface mount lines and performance verified on automated test stations.
•People - recruitment, training and retention of experienced people has resulted in a core group of highly focused individuals with the resources to best serve the OEM markets for RF products.

Pole/Zero will continue investment in these key areas to assure the mutual success of Pole/Zero and their customers.

The proliferation of wireless products and services has resulted in significant increases in RF congestion at a time when demand for wireless products and bandwidth are vying for this already crowded spectrum. Pole/Zero's vision is to continue its growth by expanding product lines and services that eliminate cosite interference and enable companies to concentrate on the areas of product development that provide unique discriminators to their customers.

Pole/Zero Corporation
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