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Nokia Connectivity Pack

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 11:27am
Nokia unveiled its first Bluetooth solution for wireless connectivity between a mobile phone and Personal Computer. The Nokia Connectivity Pack is designed for people who desire freedom and flexibility in data communication. The Bluetooth wireless technology in the pack makes it possible to use the Nokia model 6210 phone as a GSM modem to connect to a laptop within a range of 10 meters. The introduction of the Nokia Connectivity pack with Bluetooth will enhance the Nokia model 6210 phone as a versatile personal communication device. It facilitates the download of e-mails, Internet browsing, and fax sending, complementing the high speed data capabilities of up to 43.2 kpbs of the Nokia model 6210 phone. The pack also allows the synchronization of calendar and contact data between compatible PC office applications and the Nokia model 6210 phone. It is expected that the Nokia Connectivity Pack will be available in markets in Europe and Asia in the first quarter, 2001.

The Nokia connectivity Pack features a connectivity battery for the Nokia model 6210 phone and a Connectivity card with a PC adapter. Users of the existing Nokia model 6210 phone should be able to make their devices compatible with a Nokia Connectivity battery with a software upgrade. A phone battery with Bluetooth connectivity for the Nokia model 6210 phone will also be sold separately in a blister package. The battery weighs 52 g and has a talktime of up to 2h-4h and a standby time of up to 45-170h, depending on network conditions. It offers data call time of up to 1h 40 min.

Bluetooth technology is the joint achievement of leading companies in the telecommunications and computer industries, Nokia being one of the founding members. It is one of the fastest growing de-facto standards in the history of telecommunications, blurring the boundaries between a number of different digital devices. Based on a low-cost, short-range radio link, Bluetooth enables fast and reliable wireless connectivity. When two Bluetooth equipped devices come within 10 meters of each other, they are able to establish a connection.


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