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MIL-C-5015 Type Connectors

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am


Amphenol Industrial Operations has introduced a new series of connector plugs that mate to the most popular sizes and configurations of MIL-C-5015 style threaded receptacles with just a simple push of the connector plug. The new SWIFTMATE™ Connector Series provides an economical solution for a wide range of industrial applications, including power, signal, process control and instrumentation, machine tools, and communication systems.

The connectors provide exceptional ease-of-use without damaging the receptacles' threads. They enable users of older, threaded-style MIL-C-5015 style connectors to benefit from the rapid mating feature while maintaining compatibility with equipment already in the field.

Ease of operation is provided by the patented SWIFTMATE coupling system. The coupling system employs an internal ring of formed, locking fingers that slide easily over the receptacles' threads. The fingers grab the thread when the connector is fully mated, providing a positive lock of the plug to the receptacle, with 125 pounds of pullout resistance. Spring pressure secures the solid metal coupling ring over the locking fingers for a reliable, locked connection. Disengaging the connection requires only a simple pull strait back on the coupling ring.

SWIFTMATE connectors require no repetitive turning or safety-wiring of coupling rings and potential cross-threading is eliminated. The connectors are manufactured of sturdy machined metal with a corrosion-resistant nickel metal finish, and with solder-style, silver-plated pin (male) or socket (female) contacts. They offer the same electrical characteristics of MIL-C-5015 connectors.

SWIFTMATE connectors are engineered to fit the needs of many industrial applications such as motors, welders, machine tools, conveyers, communication systems or instrumentation.


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