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Microwave Cables

Tue, 04/10/2001 - 10:16am


MICRO-COAX introduces the UTiFORM family of tim-dipped microwave cables, alternatives to semi-rigid and flexible cables. Featuring excellent attenuation and VSWR, UTiFORM cables can be used in a variety of commercial and military applications, including satellite and space flight.

The UTiFORM cables have a higher temperature rating than semi-rigid cables and an equivalent bend radius. They are also easy to use, as they accept standard semi-rigid connectors, can be cut and stripped with standard semi-rigid machines, and require no tooling.

Because the UTiFORM cables are 100% shielded, they have good electrical characteristics. Impedance is 50 Ω over a DC - 95 GHz frequency range. Capacitance I either 27 pf/ft or 29 pf/ft, depending on the cable. Signal delay is either 1.45 ns/ft or 1.32 ns/ft, depending on the cable.

Completely hand-formable, the UTiFORM cables don't require complicated bend specifications and can be reformed with no damage. They have bend radius as tight as .100.


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