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Mechanical Angle

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 7:10am
Piher expands its line of controls, position sensors, potentiometers, and encoders with the introduction of the new N-15 Series. This product features a low 4 mm profile, 36-° mechanical angle and electrical angle up to 340°, SMD or through-hole mounting, and 3% absolute linearity. It is available with 1% absolute linearity on a custom order basis. The N-15 has reflow and wave soldering capability and has a polarized "T" type rotor that allows shafts to be inserted from either side of the product. Operating temperature is – 40 ° C to 120 ° C. Catalog specified life is 100,000 cycles. Custom applications have been certified up to 500,000 cycles, 3 million dithers.

The N-15 is produced on FR4 PCB substrate that allows the product to be customized without incurring a significant tooling charge. Available options on the N-15 are laser trimming, custom geared rotors to increase the electrical angle to more than 360°, parts with detents, special mechanical angles, step curves with silver dead zones, custom resistive curves and tight tolerances. Custom parts with different applications such as a rotary switch, absolute encoder or a combination of switching functions along with potentiometer track are also an option.

The N-15 Series is designed to meet a wide range of control or position sensing applications requiring a 360° mechanical angle. Because it offers a 340° electrical angle, it can be used as a potentiometer, as input into an A-D converter or as an absolute encoder for the customer who does not want to use an A-D converter.


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