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Lithium Batteries For Compact Designs

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
To meet the growing demand for smaller, lighter and high capacity rechargeable battery solutions, Toshiba America Electronic Components(TAEC) announced the addition of Advanced Lithium Batteries (ALB) to its line-up of rechargeable batteries.

Traditionally, conventional battery structure has mandated that batteries maintain a thickness of no less than 5 to 6 mm. Combining the flexibility of Lithium polymer technology (PLB) with the high energy density of traditional Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, Toshiba's ALBs reduces the cell thickness to as low as 1 mm. In addition, Toshiba's ALB technology decreases battery swelling to less than 0.1 mm under the most extreme conditions and provides safety advantages over standard Li-ion as well as PLBs including safe charging and discharging. The reduction in swelling enables designers to design-in a slimmer, more compact battery.

The ruggedness and flexibility of the ALB's aluminum laminated film casing makes it an advanced battery solution. With the laminated film enclosures, sophisticated wound electrode structures and specially designed electrolytes, the ALB increases safety while meeting the market demand for smaller, lighter solutions. In addition, ALBs do not use metallic lithium, allowing for extremely safe charging and discharging under extreme conditions. Toshiba's ALBs meet over-charge safety testing up to 12 V under 3 C mA rate, and oven testing up to 170 ° C at 4.4 V charge.

Toshiba's ALBs have a high volumetric energy density of greater than 366 Wh/L and a gravimetric energy greater than 172 Wh/Kg. The operating temperature of the ALB ranges from – 20 ° C 60 ° C, with temperature storage up to 90 ° C. ALB cells also maintain up to 40 percent of their initial capacity at – 20 ° C.

The thin profile and high discharge rate capability of Toshiba's ALBs make them ideal for cellular phones, global positioning systems (GPS), personal digital assistants (PDA), sub-notebooks, scanners, two-way pagers, wearable computers and all small portable applications. The ALB technology provides excellent cycle life performance, maintaining 80 percent of initial capacity after 500 cycles, enabling OEMs to provide their customers with a longer-lasting battery solution. In addition, Toshiba's ALBs do not accumulate memory, providing a full charge every time.

Technical Specifications — Toshiba's family of 3.7 V ALBs complements its existing line of Li-ion batteries, which are also currently in high-volume production, providing designers with more flexibility in developing their unique portable applications.


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