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LC Filters For LMDS CPE

Tue, 04/10/2001 - 10:28am


Piezo Technology introduces models 8631 and 8632 LC Filters for the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) transceiver element of the LMDS/MMDS wireless network. The filters are packaged as was proof true SMT devices that will completely support fully automated assembly operations.

In general, the transmit path filters feature center frequencies in the 450 MHz to 650 MHz range and the receive path filters center frequencies in the 1200 MHz to 1500 MHz range. The 1 dB passband responses are generally 75 MHz and 375 MHz for the transmit and receive path respectively. Both filters exhibit good stopband rejection characteristics and operate over a temperature range of – 40 ° C to 85 ° C.

Surface mount packages are supplied on tape and reel. Filter performance can be customized to meet an OEM user's specific frequency plan requirements.


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