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Wed, 04/18/2001 - 9:19am

From Standard to Custom Products, KDI can make the Difference!

Few manufacturers of RF and microwave passive components and subsystems can boast the depth and breadth of technical expertise of KDI/Triangle. Since its inception, the company has remained true to its original charter to design, develop, and manufacture of passive components and integrated subassemblies of the highest quality and performance.

Today KDI/Triangle Corporation has a comprehensive line of passive components and subassemblies and the ability to quickly and cost-effectively create custom products. Recently, KDI/Triangle has formed two groups, each focused on the wireless infrastructure markets:

•Resistive Film Products (Resistors,
attenuators, terminations)
•RF Integrated Functions (signal
processing components and

The company also serves the traditional military markets for all products. The years of experience KDI has had with the design and manufacture of ceramic based resistors and film products is the foundation for the new KDI Surfpac RF surface mount manufacturing technology. This gives KDI the ability to combine multiple functions on a single substrate to reduce board space and weight, improve repeatability, and reduce cost. KDI/Triangle uses the Surfpac Technology in its standard and custom products such as PIN diode switches, Vector modulators, phase shifters, attenuators, as well as in complex subassemblies containing both passive and active components.

In August 1996, KDI/Triangle was acquired by MCE Companies Inc., headed by John Smucker. The acquisition joins KDI/Triangle with the four other manufacturers — DML Microwave, Inmet, Weinschel and Metelics — that have been acquired by MCE Companies, Inc. All these companies manufacturer precision, passive microwave components and subsystems designed for wireless and microwave applications. Together, KDI/Triangle and these four companies offer an unparalleled range of capabilities for the rapidly expanding wireless communications marketplace, as well as traditional military customers.

KDI/Triangle Corporation has been a major supplier of diverse state-of-the-art technology for the state-of-the-art technology for over 40 years.

Resistive Film Products group:
KDI's Resistor Products Group is built on a foundation of over 48 years of technological advances in both thin and thick film components. A renewed FOCUS on Quality, Service, Innovation and Overall Value to the customer is the basis of this dedicated group's objectives.

Recent technological advances in materials and processes has allowed KDI to introduce environmentally safe, aluminum nitride (AlN) resistors, terminations, and attenuators. These devices are designed and manufactured to offer an alternative to similar components using Beryllium Oxide (BeO) ceramic. They are available in several sizes and configurations from chips to flange mounted units with leads and covers.

KDI's Resistor Products Group offers a wide variety of both low power and high power surface mounted devices in 50 ohm and 100 ohm values. Attenuators are available in standard values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 20 dB. Other dB values are available upon request.

KDI also designs and manufactures many custom resistive products including cable load assemblies, flange mounted and press fit terminations.

Integrated RF Functions Group
(Components and Subassemblies):
KDI has a vast library of modular circuits designs from years of manufacturing products for the rf and microwave industry. This resource includes a broad range of design for passive and active signal processing components, including diode attenuators, phase shifters, switches, modulators, dividers combiners and couplers, ferrites, levelers, and duplexers, and many other components. to support the development of new integrated functions.

The availability of this information greatly reduces the risk in meeting all specifications in new application designs, because the new designs generally become a "re-packaging" of what has been done before, to meet current cost and performance objectives.

Response times and prototype development cycles are greatly reduced, and manufacturing cost savings are quickly realized.

Primary products include Integrated subassemblies for base station self-diagnostics, with PIN diode switch matrixes, combiners, couplers, digital circuitry, up-down converters. Vector modulators for power amplifier spurious cancellation circuits, the vector modulators provide continuous phase shift attention change, and are packaged in the new surfpac , surface mount packages for high volume manufacturing.

Featuring low IM performance, KDI has introduced new high power products including:

A high power PIN diode switch capability , handling multiple Cellular/GSM transmitter inputs @ 50 Watts each, for a Smart Antenna switching application.

A full range of Transmitter high isolation Power Combiners, handling 70 Watts input per channel, from two (2) to eight (8) inputs.

Custom directional couplers and dividers for signal distribution to multiple receivers, in latest low cost packaging techniques employing castings, extrusions, with low loss and high isolation performance, over all cellular, PCS, 3G, and other wireless and frequency bands.

Next generation products, KDI has added a low-loss high Q cavity filter capability, combined with LNA , switching and monitoring circuits. Next generation products in process include millimeter frequency component and subassembly products for the LMDS and other wireless markets. KDI/Triangle Corporation is well known for its depth of microwave engineering talent and its diversity of complex product and subsystems capability. The company also has extensive surface mount capability and technology.

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