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High Power Transfer Switch With 7/16 Connector

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Dow-Key Microwave (a subsidiary of Dover Corp.) introduced an Ultra-High Power Transfer Switch. The high power handling capabilities, coupled with reduced size and weight, eliminates the need for the large waveguide switches used in high power L-Band applications.

Designed for switchblade coaxial systems in the DC to 2 GHz range, the switch features high kilowatt power handling capability. This break-before-make latching switch can be operated with 28 V DC minimum current and features built in self cut-off circuitry and an interlock switch that prevents high power RF transmission during switching.

VSWR (max.) is 1.25:1, and insertion loss (max.) is 0.25 dB. Minimum isolation is 65 dB. The switch handles 4 KW C.W up to 1 GHz (load VSWR 2.5:1 max.) or 2 KW C.W up to 2 GHz (load VSWR 2.5:1 max.).


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