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High-Intensity Visible Light-Emitting Diodes(LEDs)

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am


Lumex is announcing its new line of high-intensity visible light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These through-hole and surface-mount technology (SMT) devices, based on the latest AlInGaP (Aluminum Indium Gallium Phosphate) chip technology, offer intensities which are two to five times brighter than the pervious generation of LEDs. They are available in a full range of colors, and can be used in virtually any illumination, indication, signage, backlighting, warning light, or signaling application.

Lumex is offering these new high-intensity LEDs in literally thousands of different models. Designers can choose from devices with lens diameters including 2,3,4,5,8 and 10mm, in package variations such as ceramic stems, stove pipe lenses, tapered lenses, dimple lenses, short lenses, tall lenses, flat-top lenses, high dome lenses, packages with and without flanges, packages with extra long leads, and packages with built-in chrome reflectors. Additional variations include the availability of clear and diffused lenses, LEDs which offer bi-color operation, and blinking LEDs.

Color choices include red, orange, pure green, yellow, blue, and white. Bi-color units are available in red/green, red/yellow, and yellow/green versions.

Examples of these new high-intensity LEDs include the T-5mm dimple lens model SSL-LX507DT2SIT, which delivers a typical brightness of 275 mcd over a wide 140 degree viewing angle; the T-10mm dome lens model SSL-LX100133SID, which delivers a typical brightness of 550 mcd over a 60 degree viewing angle; the T-10mm clear dome lens model SSL-LX1001133SIC, which delivers a typical brightness of 3,200 mcd over a 30 degree viewing angle; and the T-5mm tapered clear lens model SSL-LX50595UPGC125, which delivers a typical brightness of 5,000 mcd over a 15 degree viewing angle. These ratings are obtained with a forward current of 20mA.

These high-intensity LEDs are the latest addition to Lumex's eLEDs line of discrete LEDs featuring the latest in die technologies, and are featured in Lumex's new eLEDs design book, a 140-page design engineering guide. Combined with Lumex's recently-released SurfeeLEDs™ design book featuring surface-mount LEDs, the new eLEDs design guide presents the most comprehensive listing of state-of-the-art LED design solutions in the industry.


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