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High-Density, Hot-Swap Rectifiers

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
The new Meridian RMP Series from UNIPOWER Telecom produces up to 200 amperes at 27.2 V DC or 100 amperes at 54.4 V DC from a 23-inch shelf housing up to four rectifier modules. The individual rectifier modules each produce 50 amps at 27.2 V or 25 amps at 64.4 V with a power density of 6.4 watts per cubic inch. The units are two mounting positions high (3.5 inches).

The rectifier modules feature automatic load sharing, input power factor correction, and integral output O ring diodes, which permit hot-swap module replacement. The output voltage can be adjusted over a wide range of 45 to 58 volts or 22.5 to 29 volts, depending on model. The adjustment is done by means of a front-panel mounted, multi-turn potentiometer or an analog remote adjust input. The remote adjust input permits automatic setting of float and equalize output voltages by means of an external controller.

Additional features include system monitoring and control functions such as AC power good and DC power good logic outputs, remote enable logic input, and remote sensing. There are also AC power good and DC power good LED indicators on the front panel of each module. Input voltage range is 170 to 264 V AC. Each rectifier is cooled by a single 80 mm front-panel, ball bearing fan. The rectifiers meet UL, CSA, and EN safety standards and are CE marked.


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