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-A High Density Attachment Device

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Miraco, Inc. introduces CAIN™, a low cost, high density attachment device. Cain is designed to interconnect a dual row surface mounted connector (i.e. Hirose DF9, Molex 1386, Conan 91901-31121, Elco 8375) to a flexible circuit. This interconnect system is commonly used for connecting a PCB to an LCD panel. With Miraco's patented connector technology, CAIN simplifies this connection and reduces final assembly costs.

The CAIN attachment device features Miraco's new connector alignment and contact compression system, which eliminates the cost of special circuit preparation prior to soldering. By using tapered ribs that separate and align each conductor, the system automatically engages the conductors of a flexible circuit and aligns each conductor to its contact. These ribs also act as a solder dam by eliminating potential solder bridging problems. Additionally, the CAIN system can be easily disassembled and the components can be salvaged if necessary.

CAIN also incorporates a contact solution system that supports and protects the individual contact. This is designed to work in sequence with CAIN's cover-to base locking system that securely locks and strain relieves the circuit. This innovation eliminates stress from the solder joint, prevents circuits from contact separation, and prevents circuit discontinuity under vibration.


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