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High-Current Inductors

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am


A new pair of surface-mount inductors combining low-profile packaging, high current handling, and robust energy storage capabilities has been announced by Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. Small and lightweight, the new Vishay Dale ILS-2515 devices are targeted at portable electronics applications, including circuitry for PC Cards, TFT displays, and LCDs in notebook computers, cell phones, and other handheld information appliances.

The ILS-2515 inductors are the first such products on the market to combine a rated dc current of 500 mA and a package measuring just 0.15 in. (3.8 mm) by 0.25 in. (6.35 mm) with a remarkably slender 0.047 in. (1.19 mm) height profile, enabling the design of slimmer dc-to-dc conversion circuits. With a high-efficiency rated Q of up to 55 at 7 MHz, the ILS-2515 is offered in 4.7-μ H (ILS-2515) and 10-μ H versions with respective dc resistance of 0.58 Ω and 0.95 Ω. Inductance tolerance for both devices is ± 20%.

Featuring monolithic, ferrite construction, the self-shielding ILS-2515 features terminals designed for maximum trace EMI, enabling more compact designs.

Today's customer for notebook computers, cell phones, and other information appliances want a product that is not only small but as thin as possible. Low-profile inductors that can meet the current demands of these applications are key to making handheld electronics that are slim enough to fit easily into a pocket while maximizing the energy delivered by a smaller battery pack.


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