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Electronic CAD for Win95/98, 2000 and NT Workstations

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:20am
AMS, Inc. announced the availability and shipping of Circuit Creator™ Windows 2000 and NT compatible Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software product.

The Circuit Creator system includes the best selling Logic Creator™ Schematic Design and Capture software. This software provides facilities for full hierarchical schematic creation, and editing, while providing on-line, on-demand context sensitive help. Users can design up to "E" size schematics in a single file, with additional sheets linked using hierarchical designs.

The most important modules of Circuit Creator™ are Board Creator™– printed circuit board design software, and the Rout Creator™– PC board automatic router software. Board Creator™ includes the ability to interactively and automatically check for errors and design rules while editing. It allows interactive component placement, support for blind and buried vias, as well as automatic footprint mirroring for surface mount device support.

The software includes important features that are only available in high-end products such as a user-expandable symbol library of over 25,000 components that allows user-defined symbols to be added easily, object oriented parts and symbols with DeMorgan equivalents, rotation and mirroring of parts from a single definition, symbols that are vector based allowing more flexibility, automatic rerouting of connections of moved symbols to make Schematic routing easy and true bezier curves instead of curved lines that makes Logic Creator™ flexible to use. Line widths and colors may be assigned to specific schematic elements for improved clarity and understanding.

Circuit Creator™ software also includes copper pouring, support for 32 inch by 32 inch large board size, up to 256 multi-layer board designs.

The Board Creator™ has a built in one-click Gerber and laser Photo plot output feature. The software supports RS274D and RS274X Gerber file formats. It also allows the user to view photoplot files.


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