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Dymaxion Placers

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Dymaxion placers are extremely fast, accurate, and reliable all-in-one placement solutions capable of handling everything from tiny 0402s and CSPs to large QFPs, BGAs, and SMD connectors — odd-form parts included. The machine's linear motors offer low-noise running conditions, extremely high accuracy ( ± 0.05 mm chips, ± 0.03 mm QFPs), and low maintenance. Thanks to two dedicated placement cameras in each gantry, Dymaxion is capable of placing an enormous range of components without slowing down, unlike other machine that require large parts to slow down over the camera for multiple views. An additional camera in each gantry provides automatic board alignment and teach-in programming abilities. Dymaxion's advanced vision system not only aligns parts for placement but tests new parts added to the library, verifies CAD data, automatically aligns boards, detects bad components, saves images of rejected components for later analysis, and provides teach-in programming. Each gantry incorporates six standard nozzles on one head and a fine pitch nozzle on the other. Single-gantry Dymaxion I achieves throughput to 6,000 pph; dual-gantry Dymaxion II reaches 12,000 pph under ideal conditions.

Intelligent feeders and plenty of them, that's what Dymaxion has to offer. Up to 216 8 mm or 12 mm tape feeders may be loaded on the Dymaxion II. Feeders can be exchanged on the fly to eliminate downtime and an offline programming station permits bar code scan programming of feeders in seconds. Dymaxion's software optimizes all your jobs for the day, telling your operator which job to run in which order and where to locate each of the feeders to minimize changeovers. Further simplifying feeder changing and refilling is the fact that all of the feeder positions are located at the front of the machine where an operator can easily reach them. This design permits a single operator to man the stencil printer, placer, and reflow oven.


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