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Digi-Key Corporation

Wed, 04/18/2001 - 9:19am

Quality Electronic Components, Superior Service

Truly Unique
From its inception in 1972, Digi-Key has set the pace when it comes to service in the distribution industry.

Today, Digi-Key represents one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the United States. The stimulus for this growth is Digi-Key's customer-centered business philosophy. Simply states: to provide the customer with the absolute best service possible.

Digi-Key is unique in many ways that translate into better service to the customer:

1. Catalog is updated and expanded every 90 days to accommodate constant product line expansion and current, up-to-date pricing.

2. No outside sales force. You contact Digi-Key at your convenience.

3.Serves an international market (76 countries in all) from a single location which translates into maximum operational efficiencies.

4. A "fill-rate" of 90% or better provides "off-the-shelf" delivery and consistently earns Digi-Key #1 ratings for Availability of product among distributors.

5. The best turnaround-time in the business. Digi-Key provides Same-Day Shipment on all orders entered by 5:00 pm central time (all delivery options); by 7:00 pm central time (all UPS delivery options, including next-day delivery); and 8:00 pm central time (UPS 2nd/3rd-day and surface delivery options).

Once the phone rings, Digi-Key's leading-edge operational efficiencies go into effect. With 120 inbound WATS lines serving the United States and Canada, the customer is provided with real-time stock status and order entry. They have instant access to hundreds-of-thousands of transactions by tapping into a state-of-the-art computer system able to perform millions of instructions per second and support more than 600 active, on-line terminals.

An intelligent conveyor system is the basis for a fulfillment system among the most efficient in the entire world. Fully supervised by Digi-Key's host computer, this highly automated approach to order fulfillment allows orders to be processed in 30 minutes or less. To assure quality every step of the way, the entire process — from order entry-to-shipping — is ISO9002 certified! It is this unparalleled commitment to service that distinguishes Digi-Key from other distributors.

The results of Digi-Key's operational efficiencies are perhaps best measured by the company's widespread industry recognition in the past several years. Independent research conducted over the past several years reveals Digi-Key's leading-edge position in several key areas of performance among the more than 1,300 distributors in the electronic component marketplace.

Digi-Key is:
Rated #1 for Availability of Product
Rated #1 for Order Accuracy
Rated #1 for On-Time Delivery
Rated #1 for responsiveness
Rated #1 for Pricing
Rated #1 Engineer's Preference
Rated #1 Overall Performance

Digi-Key's website also earns top honors:
Rated #1 for Value of Overall Content
Rated #1 for Product Search Engine
Rated #1 for Product Order Mechanism
Rated #1 for Organization for Site
Rated #1 for Ease of Navigation
Rated #1 for Access Speed
Rated #1 for Preference

purchasers and engineers agree, when evaluated head-to-head with other distributors, Digi-Key is the leader when it comes to service.

Digi-Key's unique combination of quality products, unparalleled operational efficiencies and industry recognized performance are the basis for a level of customer service that is virtually unsurpassed.

According to the Digi-Key president Mark Larson, "The key to Digi-Key's success depends on a team of talents — employees, staff and management — dedicated to making Digi-Key the best. Supporting the people that make Digi-Key what it is, is a commitment to the systems and technology that enable us to continually 'raise the bar' on the level of service we offer our customers. It's that combination that makes Digi-Key truly unique."

Put this combination to work for you today!

Digi Key Corporation
701 Brooks Ave. South
Thief River Falls, MN 56701


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