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Connectivity Tester

Tue, 04/10/2001 - 9:59am
The NetTool™ Connectivity Tester combines cable, network, and PC configuration testing in a palm-sized tool. It identifies a jack as Ethernet, Phone, Token Ring, or inactive and checks link pulse for speed, polarity, duplex, level information, and receive pair. It resolves complex PC network configuration issues such as IP address, default getaway, and email and web servers, while showing key network resources used by that PC such as servers, routers, and printers. The NetTool simultaneously monitors network health (frames sent, utilization, broadcasts, errors, collisions) for full-duplex connections, with individual counts for both the desktop and the network conversations. It shows protocol mismatches between the PC and the network and identifies unwanted protocols that waste bandwidth. It includes a Problem Log, which lists problems detected on the PC and network such as addressing issues, email, and web problems. The NetTool Standard tester provides single-ended testing of cable and desktop-to-network connectivity. It shows when a network drop is hot and identifies the service and the device on the other end. It also shows speed and duplex settings and checks the health of frames being sent. The NetTool Inline tester includes all of the standard features and comes with an inline function that allows users to eavesdrop on the complex PC-to-hub link pulse negotiation process to help resolve link connectivity issues.

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