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Coaxial Transmission Lines

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
Andrew Corporation added two new versions — 4-1/16-inch and 6-1/8-inch, 50 ohm — to its MACXLine® family of rigid coaxial transmission lines. The new lines are designed to meet the needs of television as well as radio broadcast systems. MACXLine coaxial transmission lines are thermally compensated for dependable operation and feature patented technology that can more than double the life of a transmission line system.

All MACXLine rigid transmission lines are made from high conductivity copper tubing to ensure low attenuation. A bellows section is incorporated in the inner conductors. The bellows compensate for differential expansion between the inner and outer conductors, eliminating mechanical wear on sliding contacts. This prevents the formation of metal shavings, which if released into the line can cause problems with voltage breakdown in the flange or insulator areas. As a result, MACXLine has long life expectancy without the need for maintenance or planned replacement cycles.

Inner connectors are captivated and use tensioned springfingers for maximum contact force, minimizing contact resistance and preventing line overheating, a major contributor to catastrophic system failure. Provided with specific system details, Andrew personnel will calculate the expected VSWR for broadcast transmission systems using MACXLine.


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