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Cellular Urethane and Silicone Solutions

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Rogers Corporation will exhibit two exceptionally versatile product lines, BISCO™ cellular silicone foams and PORON® cellular urethane foams. These materials, available in continuous rolls, support inventive design by solving difficult gasketing, cushioning, and sealing problems. Exciting interactive demonstrations and multimedia presentations will highlight the superior product capabilities of PORON® urethane foams and BISCO™ silicone materials.

Test-rated materials are available for use in specific types of equipment, including electronic and electrical equipment, wireless base station enclosures, automotive and transportation equipment, household appliances and office machines, food preparation equipment, and for medical and cleanroom components and processes.

All of Rogers cellular foam materials retain their resistance to compression set over time, and offer good resistance to other environmental stressors and chemicals without corroding, cracking, or damaging nearby components. For EMI/RFI shielding, many fabricators laminate a Rogers cellular material with a thin foil or other conductive material.

PORON® Urethane Materials are low outgassing (to meet stringent anti-fogging criteria) and demonstrate outstanding resistance to compression set. The broad product line includes exceptionally thin materials, thin and soft materials cast on PET film for easier handling, and foams having slow rebound properties. PORON® urethane foams carry a variety of UL® and other ratings that are recognized around the world. Most thicknesses of PORON® urethane foams meet the UL 94 HBF requirement necessary for many electronic and consumer products, and several formulations meet the stringent UL-JMST2 ratings for component gasket materials. Customers are also finding that the thinner and softer versions of PORON® materials are ideal for cushions and seals in small, portable electronic devices. For example, in the densely-packed housings of wireless handsets, PORON® materials are used to protect and separate staked circuit boards and electronic components, form speaker gaskets and battery cushion pads, and provide protection for LED and LCD displays. PORON® materials are widely used in automotive interior applications, meeting the SAE- J-1756 fogging requirement.

BISCO™ Silicone Materials retain their integrity after long periods under compression, and can withstand temperature extremes. The flame-retardant properties of these materials allow them to satisfy the most stringent industry standards regarding fire and toxic smoke emission. The full line of BISCO™ Cellular Silicones — from extra soft to extra firm — are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories as meeting requirements of their stringent UL-94V-0 and UL-94HF-1 flame classifications. Along with an operational temperature of nearly 400°F, low water absorption properties, and excellent compression set resistance, this full line of V-0 and HF-1 rated products give design engineers unprecedented confidence in the safety of their gasket and cushion materials for electrical enclosures, cellular base station enclosures, and electrical fixture seals. The broad BISCO™ product line also includes solid silicone materials, ideal for high temperature lamination processes, thermal barriers, and other applications.


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