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Carrier Class Enclosures

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 7:10am
One Stop Systems announces the introduction of the Millennium Gold 8U Carrier Class enclosure for mission-critical wireless, Internet, and telephony applications. This rackmount enclosure puts more functionality into less space than any enclosure of its type and class. It boasts a 16-slot backplane with the H.110 telephony bus, four 175 W power supplies, and four high-speed SCSI drive shuttles. In addition, it includes three hot-swap fans mounted below the card cage and three hot-swap exhaust blowers above the card cage for optimal cooling power. An optional system monitor is also a 6U CompactPCI board that allows the operator to monitor vital system functions. Its internet-based firmware allows the technician to monitor system functions remotely from any Internet connected computer. An optional removable front door covers the entire front of the enclosure.

The four SCSI hard drive canisters support SCSI hard drives equipped with SCA connectors on the rear that plug into a backplane. The SCA connectors contain the SCSI data signals as well as power and ground so each drive is individually hot swappable. Drive mirroring and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) levels can be employed, as the application requires. The canisters mount vertically, stacked two above the others. This allows up to 292 GB of storage in only three 6U slots.

The enclosure offers three tachometer fans in individually removable canisters mounted below the card cage and three individually removable blower canisters mounted above the card cage. The fans pull ambient air in through the front of the enclosure and direct it up across the vertically mounted boards. The blowers then pull the cooling air up across the boards and out through the rear of the enclosure. This allows for optimal cooling when one of the devices stops or fails to operate properly. Fan rotation and the temperature of the card cage is monitored and LEDs light when a faults occurs. Audible alarms can also be added.

The OSS System Monitor is a 6U CompactPCI board with transition module. It provides monitoring of temperature, fan rotation, DC voltage levels, door opened or closed and CPU activity. It also controls the blower speed, which reduces noise when the blowers are not needed. The transition module, which mounts behind the backplane in the enclosure, provides the interface to all the I/O including fans, blowers, temperature sensors, relays, serial port and Ethernet port.


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