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Blue-Green LED Panel Meters

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
DATEL's new DMS-30PC-VFS Series Digital Panel Meters combine brilliant blue-green LED's with a unique optical filter to create an affordable readout that's visually indistinguishable from Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD's). The DMS-30PC-VFS's advanced silicon-carbide LED's and built-in optical filter yield the superior visual clarity and instant readability of VF Displays, while exhibiting none of the VFD's shortcomings — namely high cost, high power consumption, and complex drive circuitry.

The fully functional DMS-30PC-VFS Series digital panel meters (DPM's) operate from a single 5 V supply, consume less than 3/4 of a Watt, and their vibrant blue-green LED displays are visible under the brightest, ambient-light conditions.

The four DMS-30PC-VFS models are housed in green, epoxy-encapsulated, 12-pin, DIP-like packages measuring 2.17× 0.92× 0.56 (55 mm × 23 mm × 14 mm). The small packages house a full-size (0.56/14mm high) LED display that is readable from up to 20 feet (7 m).

The green plastic package serves as the critical optical filter that contributes to the DMS-VFS's distinct blue-green effect. The package also incorporates a "mini-bezel," enabling the meters' use in stand-alone, pc-board-mount applications. No additional bezels, brackets or optical polarizers are required.

DMS-30PC-VFS Series meters employ a 31/2 digit analog-to-digital converter, two tight-tolerance, bandgap voltage references, and multiple, precision, metal-film resistors to achieve excellent accuracy and long-term stability. An auto-zeroing circuit ensures a zero display reading with a zero volt input. Four, high-impedance, differential, input voltage ranges are available: ± 200 mV, ± 2 V, ± 20 V and ± 200 V. Factory calibration guarantees ± 2 counts (0.1%) of unadjusted full-scale accuracy.


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