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Bandpass Filter for 1,000 Watt VHF Transmitters

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am
Model S7500HV is available to suppress out-of-band emissions from any 1,000 VHF transmitter operating between 174 and 450 MHz.

The filter has a bandwidth of 6 MHz with a passband insertion loss of less than 0.50 dB form the video carrier to the aural carrier. Suppression of semi-adjacent channels is 30 dB (minimum). Suppression of sideband carriers in adjacent channels is 12 dB (minimum). Return loss is 20 dB.

Construction is welded aluminum. Connectors are 50 ohm, type 7/8th EIA. Models rated at 500 watts are available with type N connectors. The unit measures 3合


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