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Automated Monitoring and Control of Wireless Sites

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Quest Controls introduced the TELSEC™ 1500WM Wall Mount capable of automated monitoring and control of remote wire and wireless sites. The TELSEC 1500WM is a microprocessor-based system that enables direct or remote multiple application monitoring capability to protect remote facilities including Huts, CEVs, CECs, and Cabinets.

Quest Control's TELSEC 1500WM provides its users with the ability to directly and/or remotely monitor and control HVAC systems and other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, smoke, toxic and explosive gas, intrusion, and generator status. The TELSEC 1500WM can also monitor a remote facility's telephony equipment, including MUXs, fiber optics, rectifiers, cable pressure, airflow, and enables remote programmability of card control access to avoid costly site visits and re-keying. The TELSEC 1500WM facilitates the plant manager in making strategic decisions concerning his network during a power fail by monitoring the plant's battery capacity, determining and reporting the capacity remaining in each respective battery string.

Developed to minimize space while providing monitoring flexibility, Quest's TELSEC 1500WM is modular and compact in design and is wall mountable, freeing more space in the facility for other equipment. The TELSEC 1500WM features standard Telco connectors on system modules that connect to preconnectorized, prewired terminal blocks, so it is easy to install and maintain. The TELSEC 1500WM is NEBS Level III tested and approved, and employs standard TL1 Protocol for autonomous alarm messages making it fully compatible with the Telecordia Network Monitoring and Analysis (NMA) System and other operating systems. Alarm transmission is completed through dedicated Lease Lines, dial-up, and/or RS232 to network equipment. Versatility and functionality combine to make the TELSEC 1500WM easily tailored to the unique requirements of each customer's facility.


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