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Antenna Circuit Board Material

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:20am
Rogers Corporation has introduced a cost-effective printed circuit board material developed specifically for use in antenna applications. RO4232® material provides superior electrical and mechanical properties to commercial PTFE/woven glass laminates.

A primary application of the material is expected to be printed circuit board antennas on base stations. It can also be used in circuits for wireless infrastructure including PCS(personal communication systems), GSM(global system for mobile communications), LMDS(local multipoint distribution service), and Bluetooth systems.

The material's physical properties enhance circuit performance and simplify circuit assembly. With a loss tangent of ± 0.0018 @ 2.5 gHz, RO4232 material will contribute to improved signal performance. On the assembly side, this material's rigidity makes it easier to handle than competitive products.

Rogers offers large panel formats up to 4 x 10 (1.219 m x 3.058 m). Panels range in size from 24 x 18 (610 mm x 457 mm) to 4 x 10 . The material is offered in thickness of 0.030 (0.76 mm) or 0.060 (1.52 mm) with a standard 1 ounce (35 μ m) cladding of electrodeposited copper.


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