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AMP Wire Pins

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Tyco Electronics Corporation today announced the availability of AMP wire pins. AMP wire pins consist of a solid metal pin with or without plastic insulation on the barrel end. Stranded wire enters the rear of the pin and is retained with a crimp. AMP wire pins provide easy and reliable connection of flexible leads when using screw or spring clamps. The solid terminating surface improves connection reliability and ruggedness in terminal block applications found in switching cabinets, control units and other equipment with row or poke in clamp connectors. AMP wire pins are well suited for termination in popular terminal block products. For example, AMP wire pins can be used with AMP TERMI-BLOK terminal block as well as BUCHANAN and RDI one and two piece terminal blocks.

AMP wire pins are available both insulated and uninsulated. The insulated wire pins employ an insulating sleeve to provide strain relief and to prevent shorting between adjacent pins on close centerline applications. Both insulated and uninsulated product is available in a wide range of wire sizes. Only minimal resistance is added by the wire pin, making it electrically "invisible". Wire pins are available in the following AMP product styles: PIDG, PLASTI-GRIP, TERMINYL, SOLISTRAND and DIAMOND GRIP terminals & connectors. All pins are constructed of tin plated copper.


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