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48 Channel Digital Receiver

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:21am
Echotek Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its newest digital receiver with integrated analog input and up to 48 channels of frequency downconversion and tuning on a single slot VME64X board. Model ECDR-4814.

The ECDR-4814 accepts and digitizes up to four (4) I.F. signals at frequencies up to 100 MHz with 14 bit A/D converters having a Spur Free Dynamic Range greater than 90 dBFs.

Digitized data is bussed to the input of 12 Graychip GC4016 multi-standard quad digital downconverter chips for narrowband or wideband tuning and downconversion and channel equalization. Downconverted data is buffered and then output via dual RACE interfaces for further DSP processing.

The product includes other sophisticated controls such as on-board command processors for control and low level programming of the receiver chips and complex equalizer coefficients, channel synchronization using the A/D clock as the basic timing reference with permits an event time resolution of less than 15 nanoseconds, an external "sync" can be used to synchronize multiple channels on multiple boards, and it has the capability to accept an external pulse (1PPS) to increment absolute time and the ECDR-4814 supports user AGC requirements for implementation of external AGC functions.

The ECDR-4814's feature set makes this product ideal for digital radio, signal intelligence, beam forming, smart antenna, and geolocation receiver applications.


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