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10 Mbps Filter Modules

Mon, 04/30/2001 - 6:15am


A three-module family of Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HomePNA) bandpass filters has recently been announced by Bel Fuse. Specifically designed to meet all electrical standards of Broadcom's iLine10™ (BCM4210 and BCM4100) series of home networking chipsets, the new SMT S556-5000-14, -15 and S556-5000-30 components include a transformer, bandpass filter and common mode choke to ensure high-speed data integrity on existing, non-dedicated phone lines. All three Bel devices comply with the 10 Mbps standard for HomePNA 2.0 compliance, and are UL/IEC950 approved for supplementary isolation.

Essential for use with network interface cards and stand alone systems employing Broadcom's iLine10 ICs, Bel's modules have broad application in small office/home office (SOHO) environments and networking applications. In addition to NICs, routers, hubs and gateways, these devices are used in cable modems, set top boxes, home appliances laptops, and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Key specifications of the filter modules include insertion loss of – 1.0 dB, average return loss better than – 12.0 dB, and attenuation of – 60 dB at 1.1 MHz, – 35 at 22 MHz and – 60 dB at 54 MHz. They moreover feature minimum interwinding breakdown voltage of 1500 Vrms and high common to differential mode rejection (– 40 dB). Turns ratio of 0.667:1 for transmit, and 2:1 for receive, match Broadcom chipsets' specifications.

While both the S556-5000-14 and -15 are provided in an industry standard 20-pin configuration, the S556-5000-15 is designed with a 2 kV DC capacitor. To satisfy the low-profile requirements of PCI and mini PCI cards necessary for portable and hand-held devices, Bel's S556-5000-30 PCMCIA package boasts a height of 0.092.


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