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1.0 GigaSamples/sec, 12-bit D/A Card

Fri, 04/06/2001 - 5:20am
To meet the market needs for ultra-high-speed waveform generation suitable for the embedded market, Chase Scientific has announced today the availability of the AWG1000, 1.0 GSamples/sec, 12-bit vertical resolution Arbitrary Waveform Generator housed on a single PCI compliant board with user programmable segmentation.

The AWG1000 features 12-bit vertical resolution from (1) normal output and (1) complimentary output. The board is capable of generating a completely arbitrary waveform from 60 MS/s to 1.0 GS/s. The analog outputs are unfiltered with rise/fall times of 260 psec typical and SFDR is <– 50 dB at 100 MHz. The integrated clock synthesizer, which droves the AWG1000, has a 1Hz resolution. An external clock input option along with a TTL input trigger provides a way to synchronize the AWG1000 to external clocks. Digital outputs include eight (8) high-speed TTL marker outputs and high speed PECL buffered output clock.

The segmented memory controller allows discontinuous memory segments to be accessed as a continuous stream of output samples, without signal breaks or glitches. Memory operations using segmented memory include branching, looping, and sequencing. On-board memory is contained in a standard 1 Megasample configuration or optional 4 Megasample configuration.

The AWG1000 enables a number of embedded applications including component testing, noise generation, communication simulations, and high-speed network testing. Its compact size also makes possible several packaging options such as standard desktop PC, portable PC, and rack mount.

The Chase Scientific AWG1000 requires a standard PC running Windows 95/98/NT/2000, or Linux with on full-sized PCI slot.

Included with the AWG1000 are DLL drivers for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and Linux (optional).


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