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Surface Mount Inductors

Fri, 03/02/2001 - 5:45am


Gowanda Electronics is introducing a new series of surface mount inductors. This new wire-wound "CC" series is designed with terminations which result in improved solderability and therefore easier and faster assembly, enhanced system performance, and greater system reliability.

This series of surface mount inductors is targeted for use in RF applications in the electronics industry, especially for wireless and test and measurement equipment where solderability is a major concern.

The CC series was designed in response to the market's need for higher reliability and improved mechanical consistency. This series, the result of a major upgrade, is being offered to the electronics engineering and assembly communities. In addition to enhanced solderability, the CC series of products can be designed with higher inductance and Q values as application specific designs, enabling engineers to maximize circuit performance.

Gowanda Electronics' CC Surface Mount Inductor series includes three models which are similar but differ in size and inductance ranges (in parenthesis): Model CC0606 (1.6 nH to 270 nH); Model CC0805 (303 nH to 820 nH); and Model CC1008 (10 nH to 4700 nH). Within each model number there are a number of discrete products available with specific inductance values.

For applications requiring inductance in the range of 1.2 microHenries to 10 microHenries, the CF1008 Model is available. It is similar to the CC Series with the exception of its ferrite core.

Applications for the CC Surface Mount Inductors include all RF signal circuitry in communications equipment, test and measurement equipment, and industrial process control equipment. The Gowanda Electronics CC series of surface mount inductors offers custom designs that meet the specific requirements of an application.


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