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Wireless Transcoders With Adaptive Voice Coder Capability

Tue, 02/13/2001 - 9:48am
Blue Wave Systems has launched two powerful new ComStruct™ Wireless Transcoders — high-density communications processing solutions for the next generation wireless infrastructure. These cost-effective packages will enable wireless infrastructure developers to rapidly add adaptive rate GSM-AMR or EVRC voice coders to their existing and next generation networks.

The ComStruct Wireless Transcoders provide a complete high-density solution for simultaneously converting multiple voice channels between the wireless and fixed line networks. A key function in the Mobile Switching Center of a wireless network, this ComStruct open standards solution can provide the necessary performance increase to efficiently handle adaptive rate voice coders. Blue Wave's new transcoding solutions are inherently scalable making them ideal for numerous cell types — picocells with a few hundred channels to microcells with up to a thousand or more channels per system.

The ComStruct transcoders are suitable for both new and existing equipment as they use T1/E1 connections or the industry standard H.110 telecom bus to route calls. Additional telecom interfaces enable even proprietary backplane systems to benefit from the increase in performance by adding the transcoder as an adjunct box and routing calls to and from it using industry standard interfaces such as T1 or E1.

Designed to maximize channel count and speed of operation, a ComStruct Wireless Transcoder solution will provide more than 120 channels per CompactPCI® slot for GSM-AMR and more than 90 channels per slot for EVRC, scaling to more than 1000 channels per chassis. The solutions are based on Blue Wave's ComStruct CPCI/C6402 communications processing platform, FACT-RT real-time subsystem development and management environment, and the GSM-AMR or EVRC transcoding algorithm in a completely integrated and cost effective solution.


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