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Voltage Divider With High Precision Ratio Tolerance

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
California Micro released PRN105, a new precision voltage divider. The features of the PRN105 are tight ratio tolerance, tight Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), and a wide range of resistor values. The PRN105 offers an integrated solution in a SOT23 package which provides benefits of board space saving. This device provides a high degree of stability, low noise and the proven reliability characteristic of Tantalum Nitride.

CAMD's PRN105 is useful for solving the voltage divider requirements for many applications with a wide range of resistor values. Some examples of the application of the precision voltage divider resistor array are gain control of operational amplifiers, setting the voltage for voltage regulators, attenuations, and a level shifter for interfacing TTL/MOS. In many applications, e.g. voltage reference or op amp gain control, it is the ratio of the two resistors that determines the reference voltage or the op amp output, not the absolute value of each resistor. CAMD's PRN105 meets this requirement by manufacturing 2 thin film resistors at the same time with the same material on the same substrate. This yields a closer tolerance of ratio matching than 2 discrete resistors of equal absolute tolerance, and better temperature tracking.


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