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USB Power Switch ICs

Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:23am
USB power switch ICs to address the new Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) wake-up capabilities are now available from Micrel Semiconductor. The new devices in the MIC2010 series include four dual-channel protected MOSFET switches optimized for Universal Serial Bus (USB) wake-up capabilities supported by ACPI for desktop PCs. When the PC is active, these devices will guarantee 500 mA continuous output current per channel as required by USB.

When the PC is placed in the ACPI S3 sleep state, the outputs are switched to the 5 V standby supply available in ATX style power supplies. In this state, the continuous output current is reduced to 100 mA, or to a user-adjustable value. This reduction protects the smaller current capacity of the standby supply in case of short-circuit faults. When the PC is returned to the active S0 state, the outputs are switched to the 5 V main supply. Make-before-break switching action guarantees glitch-free outputs during transitions between main and standby states.

The four devices introduced include the MIC2010, MIC2012, MIC2070 and MIC2072. The MIC2010 offers adjustable auxiliary current-limiting for more precise control, while the MIC2012 has pre-set current-limits for the auxiliary mode. The MIC2070 and MIC2072 provide a circuit breaker function that latches the output(s) off when an overcurrent condition is detected, reducing power consumption during a fault.


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