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Single Channel S-Band Synthesizer

Tue, 02/13/2001 - 9:48am
ITT Industries, Microwave Systems introduces the STEL-9941, a high performance single channel S-band synthesizer. The device combines Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) with microwave mix/divide circuits to accomplish very advanced performance specifications including a frequency resolution of 0.7 Hz, switching speed of 150 ns, and high spectral purity. Standard models operate from 1.6 to 2.8 GHz. Due to its modular design, however, several performance options are available up to 18 GHz with limited effect on lead times. These generic modules are attached to a common base plate with blind mate connectors. Readjustment is not necessary when changing modules, allowing for easier maintenance and logistics processes. The internal oscillator is free running or phase locks to an external 10 MHz reference. Output power is 0 dBm ± 1.5 dB. The unit weighs approximately 13 pounds, measures 9.9inches× 6.0inches× 5.3inches, and has an operating temperature of 0 to 70 1/4°C.

The STEL-9941 also features fast switching, high tuning resolution, high spectral purity, and wide bandwidth.


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