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Precision Resistor Networks

Tue, 02/13/2001 - 9:48am
IRC has introduced a series of small outline transistor (SOT-143) packaged precision thin film resistive devices. Designated the SOT143 Series, the precision networks feature absolute tolerances as low as ± 0.1% and ratio tolerances between the three resistive elements as low as 0.05%.

Rated for a full .25 W @ 70°C and 100 V, the SOT143 Series resistor networks feature resistance values from 10 Ω to 200 KΩ in absolute tolerances to ± 0.1% (ratio tolerances to ± 0.05%) and with absolute TCRs (temperature coefficient of resistance) of ± 25 ppm/°C (TCR tracking to ± 5 ppm/°C). Operating temperature range is from – 55 ° C to 125 ° C.

The SOT143 Series resistors are available in three standard schematics (two series networks of three resistors, one isolated two-resistor network). Each network consists of two or three thin film precision resistive elements which can be matched in several standard ratios. Other schematics, including resistor-capacitor networks, resistance values, and tolerances are available on a custom basis. The SOT143's industry-standard package is compatible with automated assembly equipment and wave or reflow soldering methods.


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