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Wed, 02/21/2001 - 8:22am
Pulizzi engineering, Inc. has recently released TPC 2562 Series of AC Power Distribution that combines true redundant input, under voltage protection and ultra fast switching between sources. The TPC 2562 Series was designed for use in critical systems and was used within the sound systems at the 2000 Olympics in Australia by NBC Studios.

The TPC 2562 Series accepts two AC power inputs, 120 VAC or 240VAC (16A), and protects against a power failure or severe brownout condition. The TPC 2562 Series monitors the input voltage and automatically switches to the secondary power source when the primary source fails and back again to the primary source when it is back on line. The high–speed transfer rate ensures that the transfer is transparent to your sensitive electronic equipment. Testing has repetitively produced 18ms ± 5 ms source to source transfer time.

Power input is available via (2) IEC 60320, C20 power inlets located on the rear (Power cables are available separately). Both power inlets have integrated EMI/RFI protection, allowing any noise to be isolated before it enters the TPC 2562. Both power inputs are protected with inline fuses and surge suppression for additional protection. The Pulizzi Patented circuitry monitors both AC power inputs and removes either source if an under voltage or loss of power occurs. TPC 2562 – 240 (240V/16A) has a factory set dropout of 92.5VAC and a pull–in of 100VAC. The TPC 2562 – 240 (240V/16A) has a dropout of 185 VAC and a pull–in of 200VAC. Other pull–in/dropout levels can be set at the factory. If both power sources are good, the unit defaults to the primary source.

The TPC 2562 is only 1U (1.75inches) high and 9.5inches deep, and the unit is a standard 19inches rack mount. The front panel contains a lighted ON/OFF circuit breaker and power indicator LED's which indicate "Low Voltage" or "Power Good" for each source. The rear panel contains power output via (8) IEC 60320, C13 outlets.

The TPC 2562 was designed to meet EN 60950 3rd Edition Safety Requirements. This unique design accomplishes both a high–speed transfer rate and meets EN 60950's safety requirements for spacing between hazardous voltages and exposed metal. This unit meets the 3 mm spacing requirement (reduced clearance for moving contacts). This means a safe design that maintains the necessary transfer speed to keep your equipment up and running.


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